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Nature lovers, art lovers, wine lovers, we offer you wonderful experiences that reveal the true soul of Tuscany. Staying at Borgo San Felice you will discover ‘star bene’, the Italian way of feeling good by enjoying the beautiful things in life.

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Experiences 14

• Scenic Perspectives
Chianti countryside at the wheel of a Ferrari or by helicopter. Two glorious perspectives of the Tuscan scenery. Take a Ferrari Rossa for a spin along the winding roads through vineyards and olive groves, or take off from Borgo San Felice helipad for a birds eye view.

• Pirelli E-CYCLE
Environmentally friendly, energising and 20 minutes to Siena. Enjoy a little adrenaline and keep your conscience clear touring on our Pirelli E-CYCLES. Lunch in Siena is 20 minutes away or enjoy an easy tour on scenic roads through vineyards. Return to refresh in our Botanic Spa.

• Ayurvedic Treatments
Natural wellbeing to put you in harmony with our surroundings. Fall in tune with the rhythms of nature. Our Botanic Spa Ayurvedic treatments combine nourishing Abhyanga warm oils; Pindasweda herbal poultice massage from our Orto Felice garden and Shirodara for holistic relaxation.

• Hot Air Balloon Ride
Breakfast in an air balloon watching dawn rise over Chianti. You can join a group air balloon flight or reserve a private experience. A dawn flight seeing sunrise over Chianti is magical. Your waiter can provide a champagne breakfast to toast nature’s beauty.

• Cooking Classes
Discover the roots of authentic Tuscan cuisine. We open the doors to the Borgo’s kitchens where our chefs will reveal the traditions of Tuscan cooking. How seasonal produce can be the source of rich flavours. Knowledge is a souvenir to share with friends.

• Dinner Under the Stars
Dine beneath the night sky on Orto Felice’s vine entwined terrace, Gather for dinner amidst the gentle hum of nature in our gardens. Watch the night sky and you might see Jupiter and Mars collide over the vineyards. Dinner will taste all the fresher and intense in this outdoor setting, at one with the Chianti countryside.